Light Bulb Ban Suspended?


Watts Up with That posted a short update on the light bulb ban indicating it was suspended in the budget deal reached tonight. I did a search, and sure enough, The Hill confirms it.

Omnibus spending legislation greenlighted by House and Senate negotiators Thursday night blocks Energy Department light bulb efficiency standards that have come under fire from conservatives in recent months.

The legislation, which would avert a government shutdown, prevents funding from being used for the implementation of certain Energy Department light bulb standards. The standards would begin phasing in next year. …

Senate Democrats said earlier this week that the GOP-backed language blocking funding for the light bulb standards was one of a handful of obstacles to reaching a deal. But the final spending agreement includes the language, in a symbolic win for Republicans.

House Republicans have sought for months to repeal provisions in a 2007 energy law that require traditional incandescent light bulbs to be 30 percent more efficient starting in 2012.

The ban hasn’t been reversed, it’s just on hold since the funding of enforcement has been withheld. But it’s a small victory.

Let there be light!