House Launches Second Corruption Investigation into Holder’s Department


The following is a guest post by Joseph Hall.


House Launches Second Corruption Investigation into Holder’s Department

In an interesting move, “The New York Times” broke a story about a possible Obama administration corruption scheme that once again implicates Secretary Holder’s Justice Department (DOJ).  The latest charges implicate the DEA in providing money laundering services for the Mexican drug cartels. Several former agents have indicated that this practice has occurred since the Reagan administration.

Those who support the program and the DEA’s involvement, say that this program helps the US government to track the money to recipients and may lead to enhanced tracking of drug lords. Detractors claim that this practice implicates the US of aiding illegal drug smuggling.

The US House of Representatives has been investigating a second DOJ caper known as Operation Fast and Furious. The lead investigator, Representative Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has opted to investigate the money laundering scheme as well. Therefore, we are forced to ask, “Are these DOJ operations part of a larger enforcement scheme, or is this a case of pandering to the drug cartels?”

While this intrigue is unraveling over the next few months, the elephant in the room is disconcerting. One troubling scenario leads to the follow-on question, “Are we inadvertently funneling money from the cartels to Al Qaeda?” One activity that is common to both drug cartels is money laundering. In a 2004 thesis written by Syed Waqar Hasib, the history of money laundering indicates distinct links between these two subversive and murderous entities.  The implications are chilling!

This latest development will only increase the tensions between the Democratic Senate & White House and the Republican controlled House of Representatives (House). Under the balance of powers section of the US Constitution, the House is given investigative and impeachment powers over the president and federal judges. The White House seems positioned to collide with the authority of the House to fully investigate and prosecute wrongdoing.

The expected outcome will be an increasingly charged political atmosphere in which President Obama will cry foul and increase the class warfare speech-making to a fevered pitch.  Further investigations into the past three years of the Obama administration will cause an eruption of rhetoric into full-scale war between Democrats and Republicans on a scale never seen in US history!

The republic must stand!

Here’s video of a Fox News segment on the DEA investigation.

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