Herman Cain Suspends Campaign, Moving on to Plan B – Updated With Video


Herman Cain just finished up the announcement that he is suspending his campaign. It was quite a speech. He mentioned that the false allegations against him are hurting his family. He said he will move on to Plan B – changing Washington, DC from without, rather from within. He’ll be working on a website, TheCainSolutions.com.

Herman Cain, a little known businessman who became a frontrunner in the Republican presidential race, suspended his campaign Saturday following allegations of an extramarital affair and claims of sexual harassment.

His wife Gloria was there by his side, and the crowd cheered her several times, chanting “Gloria, Gloria!” He also said that he will be endorsing one of the Republican candidates, but did not say who that would be.

Once video becomes available I’ll post it here.

Update: Here’s a partial video, via Nice Deb:

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