Could the Obamas Possibly Be More Out of Touch?


One of the raps on Mitt Romney is that since he’s wealthy he’s not in touch with the problems of Americans struggling in this economy. To some extent that’s probably true, but at least he’s known for being frugal. The Obamas, on the other hand, seem to be going out of their way to be out of touch with the “little people.” How much more out of touch can they get than pleading for $3 donations while on a $4 million vacation?

Speaking from her paradisical $4 million Hawaii vacation, Mrs. Obama wants to know: Do any of President Obama’s supporters have $3 to spare for his reelection?

This is approximately like coming upon Warren Buffett on a street corner with a McDonald’s cup asking if he can have 15 cents.

Michelle’s request was part of an email sent to the Obama 2012 list today. (Read More)

Speaking of Romney, he compared President Obama to Marie Antoinette. Jim Geraghty expanded on the theme.

I am sure Obama’s spokesman will reject the Antionette comparison during the president’s 10-day Hawaiian vacation, at the press center outside his luxury rental in Kailua, sometime after leisurely three-hour dinner of special tasting menu at Alan Wong’s Restaurant (roughly $105-$125/head) before the 91st golf outing of his presidency Ko’olau Golf Club (greens fees $80-$130).

If only we all had it so rough.

What I find simply amazing is the nerve they have playing their class warfare games while living better than royalty.

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