Another Nanny State Disaster – Students Refuse to Eat Nasty ‘Healthful’ Lunches at LA School


The Los Angeles school district has to change its new “healthful” lunch menu because it was so nasty the students refused to eat it. According to the LA Times, it’s so bad it literally made one student vomit, and others have complained of stomach pains and anemia. No wonder, look at what they had on the menu:

Instead, district chefs concocted such healthful alternatives as vegetarian curries and tamales, quinoa salads and pad Thai noodles. …

Acknowledging the complaints, L.A. Unified’s food services director, Dennis Barrett, announced this month that the menu would be revised. Hamburgers will be offered daily. Some of the more exotic dishes are out, including the beef jambalaya, vegetable curry, pad Thai, lentil and brown rice cutlets, and quinoa and black-eyed pea salads. And the Caribbean meatball sauce will be changed to the more familiar teriyaki flavor.

The article notes that the new school menu brought about an underground market of junk food, and that kids started eating worse than ever. That’s what happens when the nannies try to decide what’s best for everyone else – they make matters worse. Not only was the food horrible and nasty, it also cost the district millions more than the old menu. One teacher even had her students write letters about the awful food to local district officials and Michelle Obama. I wonder if the First Lady replied that they simply hadn’t had their palates properly adjusted.

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