Wow! Nancy Pelosi Ambushed By 60 Minutes?


Via Breitbart, during a press conference, Nancy Pelosi was ambushed by 60 minutes reporter Steve Kroft with a question about her ties to credit card companies while ramming through financial reform. She said “Well, I have many investments, but that doesn’t…..” Doesn’t what?

Maggie provides more details:

Nancy Pelosi and her husband were allegedly in on a Visa IPO while she was House Speaker, and at the same time major Democrat legislation on financial reform was underway in the House. According to Breitbart, the questioner was 60 Minutes‘ Steve Kroft. “Her eventual response to Kroft: “It’s not true, and that’s that.” Andrew Breitbart is asking if Pelosi was involved in an “insider deal with banksters. Besides the corruption that we are exceedingly familiar with anytime Pelosi increases her considerable wealth, take a look at her eyes in this video.

I know, looking at Pelosi for more than a second or two can be painful, but Maggie has a point. Watch:

Okay, the bug eyed thing could be a symptom of too much plastic surgery, but it does seem to be a bit worse when she was backed into a corner.

It’s not every day that you hear (or read) me giving kudos to 60 Minutes, but after seeing this I say “Kudos to 60 Minutes.” If they keep this up I may become a regular viewer.

Update: Jamie Dupree from the AJC provides the transcript of the exchange. He also related that Speaker John Boehner was asked how he handles his investments.

After the Pelosi news conference, a similar investment question was asked of Speaker John Boehner; he responded that he does not make any decisions on his own portfolio, saying that’s been out of his hands for years.

Only “60 Minutes” knows if this is real story, but if they took the time to send a correspondent to the Pelosi briefing at the Capitol, that could well mean they are in hot pursuit of something, because Steve Kroft does not attend regular briefings like this one.

This could get interesting.

Update 2: Here’s a screen shot of one of the bug eyed moments.