Video: Happy Go-Lucky Sharon Bialek Moments Before Life-Changing Press Conference


This is interesting. Via the Bulletproof Patriot, here’s video of Sharon Bialek and her attorney, Gloria Allred, moments before Bialek came out and publicly accused presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual assault. My, how chipper she looked. At least until the attorney shut her up.

If we’re hearing this correctly, the incredibly emotionally distraught Bialek looks to be bubbly and receptive to comments from the press, responding to one reporter’s question regarding her hair with, “I just got it done!” before being quieted by her attorney, Gloria Allred. This, of course, proves nothing other than she was primping for her press conference. Most people probably would. Of course, most people would also press charges if they were assaulted in the way Bialek claims. They would have also more than likely mentioned the prior “harassment” to their father and fiance when Cain was first publicly accused (e.g… “I can’t believe that SOB is on television lying his face off about those other women – he harassed me, too, back in the 90′s – I’m going to go put him in his place.”)

Instead, like any TEA party type would obviously do [3], Bialek went straight to Gloria Allred to break her story. Who wouldn’t?

What do you think? Watch:

Does that look like a serious person – one concerned about setting the record straight and setting a good example for her child – to you?

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