The Difference Between Bush’s ‘Wide Receiver’ and Obama’s ‘Fast and Furious’


Lately we’ve heard quite a few comparisons between the Bush-era “Operation Wide Receiver” and the Obama administration’s “Operation Fast and Furious.” What the media and the democrats doen’t want you to know is that the programs are quite different.

The key differences are that Operation Wide Receiver tracked the firearms that were “walked” into Mexico, and the operation was carried out in conjunction with Mexican authorities. With Operation Fast and Furious, on the other hand, there was no effort made to track the weapons once they “walked” across the border, and the US government never informed the Mexicans of the operation. At a hearing this week, Senator Jon Cornyn (R) made the distinction perfectly clear.

Don’t expect that clip to be aired on you’re evening news. So much for “Bush did it, too!”

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