Occupy Portland Anarchists Now Occupying Other People’s Homes


Do the Democrats and the media approve of anarchist Occupiers taking over other people’s homes? That’s what happened in Portland, although the local media outlet reported that police said the Occupy movement is peaceful, and these anarchists are just “trying to associate themselves with the Occupy movement.”

Police were tipped off about the situation Sunday. Responding officers found that the squatters had changed the locks on the homes.

Inside they found anarchist literature, drugs and weapons, including machetes.

“There’s the body armor in there, the bucket of projectiles: broken up concrete, rocks,” Portland Police Sgt. Jeff McDaniel told KGW. “There was some body-armor-type stuff for someone who might want to fight the police for one of the protests.”

But he explained that most of the protesters were non-violent. (Read More)

Worse yet, the report goes on to note that one man was detained when he was found living in someone else’s home, and was given a warning for trespassing. They changed the locks, and he only got a warning!?!? Good grief, the world has gone mad.