Obama Heckled By OWS Protesters in New Hampshire


President Obama was campaigning at a high school in Manchester, NH when a group of OWS protesters gave him the human mic treatment. The message was muddled as usual. The Washington Times was able to transcribe part of it: “Mr. President — over 4,000 peaceful protesters — have been arrested.” He didn’t respond “Maybe they should stop committing crimes,” but I digress. The Obamabots in attendance started their own chant to drown out the OWS down twinkles. Here’s the video.

Later Obama gave them a verbal group hug.

“I appreciate you guys making your point; let me go ahead and make mine,” Obama said before continuing his speech. “I’ll listen to you, you listen to me, OK?”

A few minutes later, Obama acknowledged the Occupy protest movement again, saying: “You are the reason I ran for office.”

Side Note: Is it just me, or does anyone else find it odd that the president was AWOL for the entire Super Commission negotiations, but as soon as they announced failure he came back to point fingers?

In related news, Nancy Pelosi sent out an email fundraising off of the lawless Occupy movement. Apparently, that means she fully embraces the rapes, assaults, filth, disturbances of the peace, and other disgusting behavior they’ve become known for.

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