Last Year Owners of Zuccotti Park Denied Anti-NYC Mosque Group from Holding a Protest


Here’s a little tidbit I found interesting. The Occupy Wall Street thugs think the First Amendment protects their “right” to take over public spaces to form lawless communities, when it clearly does not. But for some reason, the owners of Zuccotti Park, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg decided to look the other way as they formed their fetid little crime and disease ridden encampment.

Did you know that not so long  ago opponents of the Ground Zero mosque were denied a permit for a protest there? [Emphasis added]

The owner, Brookfield Properties, expressly prohibits tents, tarps and sleeping in the park—rules ignored by the protesters. It also has a history of denying use of the park for political activities, which is within its rights. Last year the city and Brookfield Properties denied a request by a group to use the park to protest against the planned new mosque near the World Trade Center. A content-neutral approach, the cornerstone of First Amendment jurisprudence, should also have kept Occupy Wall Street out. [Read More]

Since when is the taking over of a public space an exercise of one’s First Amendment rights? And if the Occupiers could do it, why not the anti-Mosque people?

Update: Da TechGuy linked – thanks!