Is Oscar Ortega, White House Shooting Suspect, Connected to Occupy DC?


Oscar Ortega was arrested in Pennsylvania after allegedly shooting at the White House on Friday. I’m sure the media won’t devote countless hours reporting how he may be tied to the Occupy movement, the way they endlessly speculated that the Arizona shooter may have been motivated by right wing rhetoric. Michelle Malkin thinks it won’t be long before they blame conservatives anyway.

 He is apparently mentally ill, may have blended in with Occupy DC activists, and has a“fixation with the White House.”

Doesn’t fit the Tea Party profile, but it won’t be long before the “Blame Righty” meme gets underway, anyway.

Just yesterday Diane Sawyer again linked the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.

Here’s an AP report indicating Ortego hasn’t been linked to any radical groups. (Via Breitbart)

Fox Nation has more on Ortega and the possible connection to Occupy DC.