In Less Than a Week Politico Published 90 Stories on Herman Cain Scandal


Charlie Spiering counted the number of stories Politico has posted this week on the Herman Cain scandal – it was a whopping 90! They’re obsessed.

How much is too much? Politico broke the Cain sexual harassment story last Sunday night, launching organization wide coverage filling up a full week of heavy coverage on their scoop.

Since the scandal broke, the political reporting juggernaut has published at least 90 online stories on further developments and public reaction to the story.

Follow the link for the full list, which was published early this afternoon. They’ve probably published more by now. 90 stories, and we still don’t know anything more than we knew on Sunday.

The big news today is that one of the accusers “broke her silence” as Shepard Smith declared on Fox News this evening. By “breaking her silence” he meant that her lawyer made a statement, she still hasn’t come forward, and we still don’t know the specifics of the allegations. The Washington Post has the non-story:

The National Restaurant Association released a statement Friday confirming that over a decade ago, a female employee filed a formal complaint of sexual harassment against then-association head Herman Cain. Cain disputed the allegations at the time, according to the trade group.

The association told the woman’s attorney it is willing to waive the confidentiality agreement signed by the parties involved — although not by Cain himself — but her lawyer, Joel P. Bennett, said in his own statement Friday that the woman wishes to remain a private citizen and would not be revealing further details regarding her story.

But Bennett did reveal that his client said there were “several instances” that caused his client to feel uncomfortable.

“Based upon the information currently available, we can confirm that more than a decade ago, in July 1999, Mr. Bennett’s client filed a formal internal complaint, in accordance with the Association’s existing policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment,” NRA President and CEO Dawn Sweeney said.“Mr. Herman Cain disputed the allegations in the complaint.”

Read the whole thing, see if you can find anything new there. The article does point out that the matter was settled in September of 1999, which was after Cain stopped working for NRA. I wonder why nobody bothered to ask why she left her position if Cain was already gone. Maybe someone at Politico will take a few minutes to look into it.