‘Give it Up, Politico!’


This is just too funny not to mention. One of Politico’s many pieces telling us basically nothing about the Herman Cain “sex scandal” was picked up on memeorandum. The caption below the title comes from the first comment on the piece, rather than text from the article. This is fantastic.

Yaaawwwnnn…give it up, Politico.  Your Dan Rather-esque hatchet job is falling apart and you’ve been exposed as the DNC boot licking liberals you truly are.  The American people aren’t falling for it.  You’ve devolved into a complete laughing stock.

Heh! In case they change it, Dan Riehl and William Jacobson have captured screen shots.

In related news, Politico finally got around to reporting that while Herman Cain led the National Restaurant Association they were proactive in combating sexual harassment. (Dan has a different take on that matter.)