Female Daily Caller Reporter Harassed by Occupy DC Thugs


“F*** Michelle Fields!” is what the Occupy DC thugs were shouting at the Daily Caller’s young video reporter who was assigned to cover the protest. Below is the video she posted, obviously there’s a language warning. You can see them block her from trying to interview anyone.

Fields wasn’t the only one they bothered, one man who said he had a two year old in his car was blocked by the mob. In the middle of the video you’ll see two older women who apparently were knocked to the ground as the mob tried to storm the hotel. But later they were happy to talk to Fields, as they claimed people were run over by a Mercedes they were blocking.


Stacy McCain caught up with Fields today. He told me she’s about 5’5″ tall and maybe 110 pounds, during the ruckus he noticed the menacing way the protesters were treating her as she tried to do her job. Apparently, she endured much more harassment that isn’t shown in this video.

FIELDS: They were screaming stuff out like that. They were screaming like, ‘F– Michelle Fields!’
And when I tried to conduct interviews, an individual would jump in front of the camera and stop the interview, or block it with a piece of paper or cardboard, so that we couldn’t tape anything or talk to anyone.

McCAIN: Oh, my goodness. So while they want all the friendly media they can get, in terms of –
FIELDS: Exactly, yes. And so people started chanting, ‘Right-wing extremists,’ while we were trying to interview people, and they talked to people who were part of Occupy DC and told them not to talk to us. So they chanted that, they chanted songs at me that I’m ugly, like ‘U-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi, you’re ugly,’ to me individually, and that I’m a ‘horrible person.’ It was, literally, just attacking me and the Daily Caller, but specifically me.

Read the whole thing, she said she won’t be going back because she doesn’t feel safe. Who can blame her?

Stacy’s got a photo of Fields surrounded by the mob in his post covering the storming of the “Defending the American Dream Conference,” as well as more video.

These are the people the Democrats and their accomplices in the media stand with.

Update: Scared Monkeys has more details on the pedestrian goons who were hit by the car. The driver had a green light, he said they jumped out in front of his car, and one even jumped onto the hood of the moving vehicle. Now they want sympathy.

Update 2: One of Instapundit’s readers sent him an email about the second woman on the ground in the video.

“Some info on the AFP member who was pushed down the stairs by the protestors… she is the second woman the police are helping up in the Daily Caller video. Her name is Dolores Broderson, age 78. She rode on a bus for 11 hours from Detroit to get there. She went to the emergency room with a bloody nose and bruises on her hand and leg.”

Beating up old ladies, nice.

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