Despite Support for Occupy Movement, Men’s Warehouse Trashed During Oakland Riot


This is ironic. The Men’s Warehouse store in Oakland closed yesterday in honor of the occupiers’ general strike. They had a lovely sign made up and displayed in their window explaining that they were standing with the 99%. No doubt they will lose some business over this move, seeing that quite a few people have already decided they will no longer shop at the national clothing chain.

So, what did they get for their trouble? Broken windows.

Broken glass is shown at a Men's Warehouse building in downtown Oakland, Calif., Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011 after a Occupy Wall Street protest earlier. Cleanup work is under way at Oakland's city hall plaza the morning after a massive anti-Wall Street protest turned violent and chaotic. Graffiti is covering a number of businesses in the immediate area around Frank Ogawa Plaza, where thousands had gathered for a mostly peaceful protest Wednesday. Some windows also are broken, and debris is littering the street.(AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

It isn’t so much that they were trying to appease the occupy goons, as it is the company owners believe they’re fellow travelers, even though the owners have made a killing catering to capitalists.