CNN, Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute GOP Debate is Tonight


Tonight is the GOP debate hosted by the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. It will be aired on CNN at 8:00 ET. I doubt CNN will cut off the last half hour of the debate the way CBS did. This debate will focus on national security. After the last national security debate, someone mentioned that nobody asked about the explosive situation in Mexico. I hope they bring that up.

It should be interesting. Will Newt continue being the statesman, or will he start going after the competition? We’ll find out soon enough. I prefer when they stay positive, except when they point out the failings of our current president.

Heritage put out this video on the making of a presidential debate, and previewing what will take place tonight. Wolf Blitzer will be the host this evening.

Heritage has a special debate page set up. I’m not sure if there will be any live video stream online, if so I’ll post it. I don’t know if I’ll live-blog the debate, maybe I’ll just tweet it.