American Middle Class Families Should Prepare for Obama’s Tax Hikes


President Obama and the Democrats constantly complain that the rich don’t pay enough taxes, and are deserving of a tax increase. They say it’s only fair.  They should tell that to the Smith family, whose taxes will increase considerably after certain tax laws expire in 2012.

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Meet the Smiths: 26-year-olds Bill and Joan have been married for five years and have two young children. Bill earns about $65,000 a year in sales and Joan has gone back to work and earns about $35,000 annually. Bill owes quite a bit on his college student loans and will pay about $3,000 in interest on them in 2013. With Joan working again, they are paying $3,000 for year-round child care. Joan inherited some AT&T stock from her grandmother, which pays her $1,000 in dividends every year. Finally, counting home mortgage interest, they have about $20,000 in itemized deductions.

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The first big change affecting the Smiths will be a combined increase in income tax rates, and a tightening of tax brackets as a result of the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. We estimate this will cost them $960 in 2013.

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Bill will lose the complete deduction of his student loan interest in 2013, costing about $840. The pair’s allowable deduction for child care will drop to $2,400 from $3,000, and they will also see their credit for children drop in half, costing another $1,000.

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The marriage tax penalty will come roaring back to hit the Smiths in 2013, costing an estimated $500. The tax on their dividend income will go increase to $280 from $150, adding another $130. Finally, although we did not calculate the effect, without Congressional action to once again “fix” the alternative minimum tax, the Smiths could owe this ugly tax as well!

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Luckily for the Smiths — but not for many Americans — other major changes for 2013, which do not personally affect them, include a phase out of itemized deductions and personal exemptions if their income starts to climb.

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In summary, because of tax laws expiring this year and next, we estimate that the Smiths will owe $3,598 more in income tax in 2013 than in 2011 with no change in their income. (Read More)

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That’s $3598 per year the Smith family won’t be spending in their community, saving for their retirement or their children’s education.

Why do the Democrats hate hard working middle class Americans?

H/T Doug Ross

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