Seeing the Forest for the Trees


I tend to focus on the day-to-day stumblings and failures of President Obama, the Democrats and the progressives. Lord knows, that’s more than any human can keep up with. But Steve McCann manages to see the big picture. And it is ugly. He manages to see the forest for the trees.

The overwhelming peace and prosperity of the past 65 years, which saw the United States vault into being the preeminent nation in the world and the most powerful economic and military power in history, brought with them certain expectations and assumptions that could never be met.  Among them is the premise that the country, regardless of circumstances, would always be able to create wealth and an ever-growing standard of living for its people.  This thought process made it easy for politicians of all stripes, but particularly the left, to embed in the psyche of the American people an entitlement mentality and an unwritten guarantee of their individual pursuit of happiness.

For many years, due to the phenomenal growth of the American economy, its inventiveness, and a lack of global competition, these expectations were not only met, but grew exponentially despite an occasional economic downturn.  The ground was fertile for the seeds of complacency to be sown and take root.

With this backdrop, while the vast majority of the American people slumbered in their contentment, the radical left gradually infiltrated and eventually dominated the education establishment, the mainstream media, the public- and private-sector unions, the Democratic Party, and the entertainment industry.   Being able to dominate the dissemination of news and what was taught in the schools, coupled with the ability to reach into every living room via the entertainment media, the American left with its roots in Marxism was able to promote the message that the United States was an unfair and oppressive country.  That proposition began to seep into the mainstream of societal consciousness.  Therefore whatever problems an individual might have were the fault and responsibility of a society dominated by selfish and greedy capitalists.

The people were encouraged to look to a powerful central government for their sustenance, their survival, and the guarantee a nebulous concept of “fairness.”  The left, once in control of the Democratic Party, was able to accelerate its takeover of all levers of government by portraying itself as the protector of the oppressed and guarantor of equality in exchange for the votes of an increasingly and deliberately ill-educated citizenry.

If you read nothing else this week, be sure to read the whole thing. The evidence of the tyranny we’re living under is right there under our noses for anyone who cares to do something about it. The progressives have taken over not only our political system, but the way we think! We welcome them into our living rooms because they are funny, or deep, or sensitive – whatever is the mood of the day. In the mean time our rights as human beings are being eroded.