Pelosi Doesn’t Know Nothin’ About Those Small Companies Receiving Obamacare Waivers


Nancy Pelosi was interviewed on CNBC about the deficit Supercommittee (which is a joke) when the subject of Obamacare waivers came up. Her defense of the waivers boiled down to the following inane blabber.

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“They’re small. I couldn’t speak to all 1,800 of them, but some of the lists that I have seen have been very, very small companies. They will not have a big impact on the economy of our country.”

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How does she get away with this nonsense?

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Really, small companies Nancy Pelosi? Is McDonald’s a small company? Who knew a company with well over 1.7 million employees and franchises worldwide was considered a small company. How about the state of Maine, is that a small company as well? Waiver list can be found HERE.

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The rest is the usual lies and pap spewed by the Democrats. The question on the waivers comes a little after the 7:00 mark. Later in the interview she even claimed Obamacare was a “jobs bill.” Seriously.

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Doug Powers weighed in:

Pelosi also should have said the waivers went to “mostly unionized companies” instead of “mostly small companies.”

Quite a few of those businesses are also in Pelosi’s district. In May, 20 percent of a single round of waivers went to businesses located in the area Pelosi represents — but to very small businesses, so “nothing to see here.”

Go into your nearest “mom & pop” store (if any still exist) or to a local “very small business” and ask if they’ve received their Obamacare wavier. Chances are they haven’t, and won’t — unless the law is repealed.

While we’re on the subject of Obamacare, more and more Americans hate it and want to see it repealed. Even Democrats.

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