#OccupyWallStreet AKA #Poopstock – Conditions Deteriorate – Sex, Drugs and Communism


Well, the Occupy Wall Street movement, AKA Poopstock,  sure is making a splash. Perhaps “splash” isn’t the best term, from the looks of things, they could all use a splash in a bathtub with a bar of soap. Reports on the ground indicate things are getting pretty ripe. But the commies don’t seem to mind. Amidst the filth, they’re laying out their plans for a better tomorrow.

I showed up for a teach-in by John Cronin. Cronin was lecturing on the need for a “participatory economy,” guided by a “workers council” that would determine what to produce, how much, how, and “how hard we want to work.” I understood him to be opposing the idea of an “employee,” arguing that all workers should own their company, and control, errr, the means of production.

Does that mean we can finally do away with the unions?

Not every person attending the protest has such noble intentions. Some are there for the free condoms. Hey, at least they’re practicing safe public sex. Since they’re under sleeping bags and tarps the children in attendance shouldn’t be scarred for life.  Some just want to smoke dope while listening to drums. Others are hiding from the law in plain sight.

Conspicuously living among the politically active in the makeshift village in Zuccotti Park are opportunistic junkies and homeless people – making the most of the free food on offer.

Also present and infuriating the hard core of activists are a number of teens looking to turn the gathering into an urban rave.

Among the banners and flags are now discarded packets of condoms, cigarettes and bottles of spirits, while naked youngsters happily get together with just sleeping bags covering their modesty.

A box of free condoms is kept in the main area where protesters are camping. In one shocking picture, a man can be seen defecating on a police car.

‘I got warrants. I’m running from the law,’ a 24-year-old man from Stamford, Connecticut, told the New York Post. ‘I’m not even supposed to be here, but it’s as good a spot as any to hide.’

Protesters said the site smells like a sewer and the free condoms have given visions of what the Woodstock festival was like. But many have come down for the huge amount of food donated.

The hard core activists aren’t the only ones who are infuriated. So are people who make a living in the area.

But for some business owners, there’s nothing but outrage. They say the city’s stance on the protest means there is no end in sight to what has rapidly become a living nightmare, reports Brown.

“They want to take showers, want to wash up and use the toilet paper to dry up. It becomes … you gotta have one person assigned just to clean the bathrooms,” said Steve Zamfotis, manager of “Charley’s” restaurant.

Zamfotis, who runs a pizza shop directly across the street from Zuccotti Park, said he has to stand guard at the door — just to keep protesters out.

“They expect everything, everything for free, nothing to pay,” Zamfotis said.

Well, isn’t that the point? Why should that guy make a living while these people voluntarily sleep in their own filth in a park?

Others are there to make an environmental statement, as the area of the earth they occupy goes to completely to crap.

These are the people the Democrats stand with, not the hard working people whose lives they’ve made miserable. The Democrats stand with Poopstock.

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