Nice: Biden Suggests More Rapes and Murders Will Occur Without More Stimulus


Does anyone remember back when Republicans were accused of fear-mongering any time anyone mentioned national security? Something tells me we won’t hear any complaints about Joe Biden’s blatant fear-mongering.

“In 2008, when Flint had 265 sworn officers on their police force, there were 35 murders and 91 rapes in this city,” Biden said. “In 2010, when Flint had only 144 police officers, the murder rate climbed to 65 and rapes–just to pick two categories–climbed to 229. In 2011, you now only have 125 shields. God only knows what the numbers will be this year for Flint if we don’t rectify it.”

Of course he failed to mention the decades of progressive leadership that brought Flint to this disastrous place.