Nasty Progressives Try to Get Conservative Blogger Fired


Progressives like to believe they’re the champions of free speech, unless you happen to have a different point of view, then they just want you to shut up. Some on this blog complain about the comment rating system. They leave their comments and wonder why conservative readers hit the “dislike” button and complain that we’re infringing on their right to speak their minds. It’s really quite silly, but it goes beyond silly when they try to get someone fired from his day job.

That’s what’s been happening to Professor Donald Douglas for quite some time. I guess they don’t believe students should be exposed to anyone whose views differ from their own.

Some time back, one of my colleagues suggested that no matter what the nature of online disagreements, no matter how intense or vile, taking such disagreements to an opponent’s employer is outside the bounds of decency: it is simply un-American. And I would add that when those same workplace complaints involve blatant and patently false allegations amounting to libel, those taking such actions are not only un-American, but genuinely satanic. And I have to apologize to longtime readers who might be getting bored with such blogging, but writing about the progressive left’s perpetual campaign of personal destruction, against my economic livelihood, is how I’m able to deal with the issues, keep my sanity, and of course clear my good name. As I noted earlier, there is essentially no lie that’s beyond the pale for the radicals. They’ll do anything to destroy opponents. And they don’t stop. And virtually to the one, the complaints leveled against me have been pure lies. I’m not going to recount them. All of this is of a piece. But since many on the left are coordinating these attacks, the frequency seems to be accelerating. I’ll soon know more about the latest round of allegations and lies. In the meantime, here’s a roundup of the workplace attacks I’ve defended against now for almost three years.

Read the whole thing. Professor Douglas is a husband and father who has every right to speak his mind and still earn a living. Those wanting to silence him are the ugliest of human beings.

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