Huh? Lech Walesa – the Anti-Communist Lech Walesa – is Lending his Support to OWS?


Well, this makes absolutely no sense. Apparently, Lech Walesa gets his news from the MSM. Otherwise, I don’t see how this man, who spent so much of his life battling the Soviet commies, could sign on to a movement that wants to destroy capitalism in the United States of America.

Protest organizers said they will welcome Walesa with open arms.

“He fought very, very hard for the rights of all working people,” said Doug Forand of the 99 New York campaign, which is affiliated with OWS.

Support from a world-class working-class hero like Walesa puts more pressure on Wall St. and on the government to get “the wealthiest 1% to do their share to create jobs and get us through this economic crisis,” he said.

A staunch anti-communist and former Polish president who helped steer his country to a free market economy, Walesa was invited to join the three-week-old protest by organizer Matthew Blair.

Walesa has warned of a “worldwide revolt against capitalism” if the Wall St. protests are ignored.

They are protesting the “unfairness” of an economy that enriches a few and “throws the people to the curb,” he said in a recent interview.

“That’s why union leaders and capitalists need to figure out what to do, because otherwise they will have to contend with a worldwide revolt against capitalism,” he said.

I’m stunned. Does he know what the union bosses are doing to this country? Has he heard about the Chicago bosses fleecing the taxpayers out of millions of dollars in pensions? Does he think these are isolated incidents? Communities all across this country are going broke because of the public employee unions. Does he realize that the unions donate millions of dollars to politicians who want to expand government and take away our freedoms?

As far as the Occupy Wall Street movement, is he aware that they want to get rid of capitalism? They don’t want to “fix” it, they want to scrap it altogether. Most middle class workers have their money in the banks and their retirement savings invested in Wall Street. These people want to see the banks and Wall Street destroyed. What will it do to the middle class if they get their way? Is he on board with millions of hard working Americans losing their entire life’s savings? Does he want us to become a third world country?

Chris Wysocki is as shocked as I am.

He “understands?” What? Staring down Soviet communism is exactly like agitating for free college tuition?Or, once you’ve saved a country from the yoke of totalitarian oppression it’s time to vilify the Jews?

If you must “respond” to a list of demands right out of Marxism 101, not to mention a puerile inability to clean up after themselves, may I suggest that the proper response is “get stuffed?”

What exactly about Big Lethargy is so enamoring to a statesman of Walesa’s stature? (Read More)

Wysocki linked to Mark Steyn’s accurate description of this pathetic tantrum of a movement.

They’re the most pampered, blinkered, narcissistic, useless generation in the history of Western civilization. And if they got their way, we would be living in the ruins of a once-glorious civilization. Now I have no quarrels with attacking Wall Street. I do it in my book. I think you can make the case that the American banking system is perhaps the most inept and dysfunctional in the G-7, for example. But these people have no solutions to that. These are people who want to create a society that actually obliges them to do nothing. They want to live a Western lifestyle without doing the work necessary to maintain that lifestyle. And if they were to get their way, we’re all done for. And to listen to the president of the United States, the supposed leader of the supposed free world pandering to them, kissing up to them, saying that he understands their frustrations because he’s frustrated, too, he should be ashamed of himself.

Wysocki also reminds us that by standing with the OWS crowd, Walesa is also standing with Hugo Chavez and the Iranians. Perhaps he just hasn’t seen the top ten moments of the OWS movement. I don’t know, this is shocking and disappointing.