Herman Cain: Absurd for Lawrence O’Donnell to Challenge Me on Civil Rights Movement


Stacy McCain caught up with presidential candidate Herman Cain last week and asked him “Who is Lawrence O’Donnell to tell you how to be a black man?” Cain responded that it was “absurd” for O’Donnell to challenge him on what he was doing during the Civil Rights movement.

“It’s an absurd thing to try and do, isn’t it? I mean, for Lawrence O’Donnell to try and challenge me on what was I doing during the civil rights movement, that’s about as ridiculous as me asking him, ‘What were you doing when you were in kindergarten?’ The two things don’t even relate to one another. So, you’re right — his attempt to do that failed, in my opinion.”

Read the whole post, there’s much more there.

If you missed O’Donnell’s exchange with Cain you can watch it here. O’Donnell also accused Cain of being a draft-dodger, even though O’Donnell himself avoided the draft during the Vietnam War.

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