Environmentalists AstroTurfing Pebble Mine Project


The following is a guest post by Beth Shaw.


Environmentalists AstroTurfing the Pebble Mine Project

Environmentalists have been caught red-handed AstroTurfing outrage over the Pebble Mine project. I guess its just not that easy to get the masses stirred up over their cause, so the environmentalists have stooped to paying people to support their cause – if only on paper.

The Save Bristol Bay Road Show is offering a chance to win some great prizes in exchange for signing a letter in support of stopping the Pebble Mine project in Alaska. The letters, to Washington Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray, are literally the raffle tickets for the prizes! You can see their Facebook page here.

The growing sign-to-win controversy draws into question the legitimacy of any outrage over the opposition to the Pebble Mine project. If not illegal, it is certainly ethically questionable.

Interestingly, the sign-to-win dog and pony show is being funded by Robert Gillam, CEO of McKinley Capital Management. Why is the richest man in Alaska funding opposition to mining in Alaska? What dog does he have in this race? It makes me wonder if the #OWS types are just being used to advance the interests of the 1%.

Here is more info on the growing ‘sign-to-win’ controversy at the Save Bristol Bay Road Show.

It seems the Save Bristol Bay road show is reduced to AstroTurfing environmental outrage over the Pebble Mine Project.