Demands of Occupy Wall Street


Most of the Occupy Wall Street protesters are unable to articulate what they want after they’ve destroyed capitalism in the United States. Well, the organizers put out a list of demands last month. John Hitchcock at Truth Before Dishonor summed it up so it’s really easy to understand.

Free health care
Free college
20 dollar an hour jobs for all
No oil
No nuclear power
No credit reporting agencies
Debt forgiveness for all
Spend a trillion here
Spend a trillion there
Power to the unions
No borders
Lotsa tariffs
Lotsa more freebies

Utopia!  The Progressive Caucus is on board, too! Oh, and George Soros sympathizes with them, while the White House completely understands, and we all know the union bosses are in on it. Does this mean they are all willing to give up their personal fortunes in solidarity? (Heh – just kidding! We all know that ain’t going to happen!)

Update: Donald Douglas expands on their childish demands for student loan forgiveness.

Update 2: Now Russ Feingold has endorsed the movement, that must mean he approves of their list of demands.

Update 3: Be sure to read Doug Mataconis’s post about the entitlement mentality that’s behind all of this. That, and envy, and pointing fingers everywhere but in the mirror.

Update 4: And so it begins – the Wall Street goons all of the Democrats are endorsing are now blaming it all on the Jews. How Nazi like.