What a Great Morning!


In case you missed it, Republicans won the special elections in New York and Nevada last night. Bob Turner won the seat held by disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, and Senator Chuck Schumer before that. I don’t care how bad this Democrat was, that’s saying something. It’s been nearly nine decades since a Republican was elected in that district.

Here’s video of Bob Turner’s victory speech, via Nassau Tea.

Da TechGuy weighed in:

Coming a few days after his big jobs speech and a day after his bill was submitted to congress it will be tough for the MSNBC/Morning Joe crowd, who live by the Times and Post, to spin these results as anything other than a rebuke to the president, particularly NY-9 where the same GOP candidate lost in 2010 by 20 points.

Oh, but we know they will try. The Washington Post has already cautioned us that special elections are unreliable predictors. But Weprin didn’t have any viable third party candidate siphoning off Democrat votes, and the Democrats poured vast resources into this race that should have been a slam dunk.

The American Spectator, a more conservative outlet, also cautions against reading too much into this.

The Emergency Committtee for Israel and the Republican Jewish Coalition put a lot of effort into making this race a referendum on Obama’s policies toward Israel, and they deserve a lot of credit (though not as much credit as Anthony Weiner). It’s important not to over-read this; as I said, we’re talking about a subset of the Jewish community that has been trending Republican anyway. On the other hand, for every pro-Israel American Jew, there are dozens more pro-Israel American gentiles.

That’s still good news for our side. A district that encompasses Brooklyn and Queens “trending Republican” is certainly something that should concern the Democrats. Obama won the district with something like 55% of the vote, and Donald Douglas reports that people in the district say they were bombarded with Democrat attack ads “viciously attacking” Bob Turner, and he won anyway.

What a great morning! Let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come in 2012.

Update: Debbie Wasserman Schultz is already spinning it, saying “It’s a very difficult district” for Democrats.” Well, it is now.

Update 2: Michael Barone calls the NY9 special election a “stunning repudiation of Chuck Schumer.” Good, he needs to be repudiated.

Update 3: Linked by Maggie’s Notebook and Republican Redefined – thanks!