They Cheered Personal Responsibility, Not The Death Of A Young Man


The big story today is that the tea party crowd at last night’s republican presidential primary debate allegedly cheered that a young man without health insurance would die if he gets sick. That isn’t exactly what happened.

Wolf Blitzer asked a hypothetical question about a hypothetical person, one who chose not to have health insurance, getting sick and needing care. Ron Paul responded that people take a risk when they don’t have health insurance and that people should take responsibility for themselves. The crowd cheered. Blitzer followed up and asked if “society should just let him die.” One person, or possibly two, shouted “Yeah!” and Paul said “No.” That’s where this clip ends, but Paul went on to say that when he was a practicing physician, charities paid for indigent care, and no hospitals turn patients away. But the whole picture doesn’t play into the hands of those on the left who want to paint everyone who identifies with the tea party as cold hearted, selfish monsters.

I’ll bet that most of those who cheered for personal responsibility would organize, contribute to, or participate in a fundraiser for an ill fellow citizen. I know I would.

In related news, a judge in Pennsylvania ruled that Obamacare’s mandate to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional.

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