The Myth of the Nazis and the ‘Right Wing’


I’ve been meaning to get to this all weekend, ever since I noticed the link at Instapundit the other night. Whenever someone shatters the myth that Hitler and the Nazis had anything in common with American conservatives it’s worth taking note, and sharing. Hitler had more in common with FDR and the Soviets than any conservative I can think of. In fact, his vision for Germany wasn’t so much different than President Obama’s vision for the US. Bill Flax took the time to lay it all out, here’s a taste of it.

On many issues the Nazis align quite agreeably with liberals. The Nazis enforced strict gun control, which made their agenda possible and highlights the necessity of an armed populace.

The Nazis separated church and state to marginalize religion’s influence. Hitler despised biblical morality and bourgeois (middle class) values. Crosses were ripped from the public square in favor of swastikas. Prayer in school was abolished and worship confined to churches. Church youth groups were forcibly absorbed into the Hitler Youth.

Hitler extolled public education, even banning private schools and instituting “a fundamental reconstruction of our whole national education program” controlled by Berlin. Similar to liberals’ cradle to career ideal, the Nazis established state administered early childhood development programs; “The comprehension of the concept of the State must be striven for by the school as early as the beginning of understanding.”

Foreshadowing Michelle Obama, “The State is to care for elevating national health.” Nanny State intrusions reflect that persons are not sovereign, but belong to the state. Hitler even sought to outlaw meat after the war; blaming Germany’s health problems on the capitalist (i.e. Jewish) food industry. The Nazis idealized public service and smothered private charity with public programs.

Hitler’s election platform included “an expansion on a large scale of old age welfare.” Nazi propaganda proclaimed, “No one shall go hungry! No one shall be cold!” Germany had universal healthcare and demanded that “the state be charged first with providing the opportunity for a livelihood.” Obama would relish such a “jobs” program. …

Be sure to read the whole thing, it’s a little long but full of interesting facts. You just might learn something.

What was it Stalin said about repeating a lie often enough that it becomes the truth? Or was it Hitler? Who knows, they’re all cut from the same cloth. And their fellow travelers have been setting the narrative here in the western world for far too long. The only way to combat it is to continue repeating the truth.