Obama Campaign Launches “Attack Watch”


President Obama’s job approval rating is dismal, especially when it comes to the economy. People may like him personally, but 62% disapprove of his handling of the economy. Throw in stunning Democrat losses in the special elections in New York and Nevada, and things are looking bad for The One.

Rather than try something different that may actually help, the Obama campaign has launched a new website called Attack Watch. People are instructed to “Report an attack” to the folks at MyBarackObama.com. Does pointing out his terrible approval ratings constitute an attack? How about Congressional Democrats picking apart his jobs plan? Will they be reported? Will The Washington Times be reported for telling us about his “shady solar subsidies”?

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Update: It looks like this may be backfiring on Twitter.

The hashtag was already in heavy rotation by Twitter users by Wednesday morning, but many users are conservatives such as columnist Michelle Malkin, who offered up her own daily column as an example of an Obama “attack.”

My latest tweet: My paycheck and way of life are under #AttackWatch by President Obama.

It’s funny watching the tweets come in. I like this one.

Update: Conservative Hideout linked – be sure to check out the video posted there.