LOL! Obama Has to Re-Name Jobs Bill!


This is hilarious! President Obama wanted his newest new economic plan to be called the “American Jobs Act.” But Democrats failed to file the bill after he presented it to Congress. So Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert filed his own bill, and named it the “American Jobs Act.”

The American Jobs Act introduced in the House of Representatives looks quite different from the version President Obama outlined in his speech to Congress. Instead of hiking taxes on working Americans to pay for another stimulus, Rep. Louie Gohmert’s (R-TX) legislation offers a tax cut.

Follow the link to see the bill.

What a great day! The folks in the White House may be smiling about their cynical ploy to use the now unnamed jobs plan to win the election. But the Democrats lost big time in two special elections last night, Obama’s “Attack Watch” hashtag has been taken over by conservatives, and now this!  Hilarious!

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