Jobs Bill Obama Wants Passed Right Now Hasn’t Been Written Yet


Thursday night Obama urged Congress, over, and over, and over again to pass this jobs bill of his. There’s only one problem, it hasn’t even been written yet, according to Senior White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Jarrett implies the complete jobs bill has not been fully written yet, however it will be by next week and the President will submit it to Congress for cost scoring.

“Congress should pass this bill right now,” Jarrett said on MSNBC. No more than one minute later, Jarrett said the White House is still writing the bill and it will be submitted to Congress next week.

Speaking of that speech, Obama said that President Lincoln founded the Republican Party. He was wrong. That’s not all he got wrong, either. (In addition to his failed economic policies.)

Update: Ed Morrissey pointed out that Jay Carney wrote a piece for Time Magazine a few years ago, correcting Mike Huckabee for getting it wrong on Lincoln and the GOP. But nobody at Time has bothered to correct Obama.

Update: Moe Lane linked here and here – thanks!