CNN Tea Party Debate Highlights


The CNN/Tea Party debate just ended. It’s too bad that there wasn’t more talk about President Obama and his policies, and what the candidates plan to do to turn things around. There were quite a few moments that will surely appear on some Democrat campaign commercials at some point.

It was nice to hear all of the candidates having their say. Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich did the best, in my opinion. Rick Santorum also did well, as did Michele Bachmann. Jon Huntsman, as usual, did nothing for me. Everything Ron Paul said that I agreed with got wiped out by his comments about bin Laden and 9/11, and some of his other foreign policy ramblings. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney both did as expected, but Perry may have been hurt somewhat by the Gardasil question, and the immigration issue. Again, I would have preferred to hear more about what they plan to do if elected, but I suppose that had more to do with the questions.

Here are a few of the more memorable moments.

Mitt Romney and Rick Perry sparred over Social Security. (Via Gateway Pundit)

I didn’t really like it when the audience booed answers by the candidates, but Ron Paul deserved it when he blamed the US for 9/11. (Via Breitbart)

Newt Gingrich did very well tonight. Here he brought up General Electric. (Via Breitbart)

Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum piled on Perry over the Gardasil vaccine. I disagree with Perry on this issue but I still would have preferred to find out what they would do about undoing Obama’s policies. (Via Hot Air)

I’ve only found this one video of Herman Cain. He explained why he is pro-worker. Unfortunately, Jon Huntsman is also in this video. Sorry about that. ūüôĀ

Here’s the best question of the night, a young man asked how much he gets to keep out of every dollar he earns. (Huntsman stops talking at about 1:50) This also includes Newt’s comment on GE, along with his full answer on taxes.

Newt Gingrich had the best quote of the night. William Jacobson described it:

Great line by Newt, Obama scares seniors every day. He made a strong substantive point, which is that why should be have to live in a system where a President can threaten to withhold social security benefits. It goes to the heart of individual autonomy.

Here’s the video.

Politico seemed to enjoy the infighting between Romney and Perry. Da TechGuy live-blogged the debate, so did The Other McCain who was actually there. How cool is that?

In related news, Mike Huckabee (of all people) told Laura Ingraham this morning that Mitt Romney may be the most electable of the candidates. Isn’t that what they told us about John McCain? Is being the “most electable” Republican the kiss of death? But the bigger question is, who will Senator Jim DeMint endorse?

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