Surely Some of These Jobs Could Be Cut


Are you worried about the national debt? Are you wondering what can be cut from the federal budget? The Other McCain shows us where we can start.

The President of the United States collects an annual salary of $400,000. So when “we” win a presidential election, that means “our” guy just got a guaranteed four-year contract for $1.6 million. Members of Congress each collect an annual salary of $174,000, so when that evil two-faced backstabbing bastard John McCain got re-elected as a senator last year — damn it all to Hell! — he was in effect awarded a six-year contract worth $1,044,000.

But those are just the guys who get elected. Every member of Congress hires dozens of staffers, and the president can reward hundreds of his sycophantic followers with political appointments paid according to the federal Executive Schedule:

Level I — $199,700
Level II — $179,700
Level III — $165,300
Level IV — $155,000
Level V — $145,700

Just to give you an idea of how many of these swine are sucking the federal teats, there are 11 assistant secretaries of Commerce paid at the Level IV scale and 14 — fourteen! — “additional officers” at the Department of Energy who collect Level V salaries.

Okay, so we can’t eliminate the salary of the POTUS, even though he says he has way more money than he needs. But we can remove him from the federal payroll in 2012 if we play our cards right. It starts in Iowa next week and The Other McCain will be there live and in person. Not only will he be covering Herman Cain’s Common Sense Solutions bus tour, he’ll also be there for the Fox News debate on August 11. Oh, and he wants you to hit his tip jar. Flying to Iowa from wherever he lives is expensive.

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