Scaremonger Pelosi: Republicans Want to Destroy Government


The rhetoric coming from the Democrats gets more desperate every day. Earlier Nancy Pelosi explained how the Republicans want to destroy the government and the “public space.” She said they aren’t concerned about the deficit. Among the things the GOP wants to destroy:

“Education, clean air, clean water, food safety, public safety. You name it, they’re there to diminish it, destroy it.”

As if nobody was educated, had food to eat or water to drink before the Democrats did this to the deficit:

Thanks, Nancy. Thanks, Obama. My children thank you, too. I’m sure they’re going to enjoy paying off your debt. Too bad they’re too young to vote so they had no say in the matter.

You can listen to Pelosi’s little diatribe at Gateway Pundit.

On a related note, she must hate John Stossel. Here’s his plan for reducing the deficit.

When politicians make little cuts in the rate of spending growth, every interest group mobilizes to protect its little piece of the pie. That’s why you must cut government like you take off a Band-Aid: quickly and all at once.

It’s not hard to balance the budget. On my show, we made enough cuts to create a $237 billion surplus. I cut whole departments, like Education and Commerce. I cut two-thirds of the Defense Department (which still leaves it much bigger than China’s).

I indexed Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to inflation, raised the retirement age, and took away benefits for rich people. But I don’t have to run for office. Congressmen do, and they can’t even manage to cut ridiculous tax breaks like those for ethanol….

Oh, we can dream, can’t we?