Oh Good! Obama Will Now ‘Pivot to Jobs’ – Update – Democrats Consider the Jobs Issue ‘Friendlier Turf’


I meant to say “Oh no!” Obama’s pivoting to jobs! Every time he does that we wind up with more debt and fewer jobs. Whatever you do, don’t drink every time he says “investment” or you’ll wind up in the hospital. But do hang on to your wallet, because we all know what that means.

ABC News has the story.

Today is the day – the deadline to raise the debt ceiling – but with the Budget Control Act expected to pass the Senate and avert default, the president will pivot to jobs.

Why, he’s already started. He met with union leaders today, and he’ll be stimulating his campaign the economy in Chicago with his 50th birthday bash.

Speaking of the debt ceiling and the economy, Nancy Pelosi vowed that entitlement reform will not be on the table for the Super Committee set up by The Deal. Knowing this gang of progressive Democrats, they’ll increase entitlements while cutting defense.

Update: As a rule I use words and complete sentences, but this is an LOL moment!

Meanwhile, Democrats in particular were eager to move beyond the debt-limit fight and tackle the issue of jobs, which they consider friendlier political turf.

Are they high? Friendlier turf? They destroy jobs, they don’t create them.

Unfortunately, the rest of the article is about as funny as the anti-smoking commercial on my television right now. Ugh.