National Media Ignores Philadelphia – Update


Philadelphia, PA is a pretty big city, but for some reason the national media has been ignoring the area during coverage of Hurricane Irene.  I’ve had Fox News on TV, they’re pretty much covering New York City. I know things can get ugly in NYC, but it’s not the only place affected by this storm.

So I’ve been watching My Fox Philly online. All night they’ve been reporting tornado warnings throughout the Philadelphia area. Flooding has already started, and the worst of the storm is yet to come. Tomorrow some of the rivers are expected to crest and cause even more flooding. Tornadoes have already touched down and destroyed homes in Delaware. On twitter someone sent me a message that winds were picking up in the suburb of Havertown. But when I tune into the national media, I hear for the thousandth time that casinos closed in Atlantic City, and the rest of the time I’ve seen images of rain falling in New York City.

I’ve been a tad bit obsessed about this storm because for the first time in their lives my kids went away without us. They’re spending time with their grandparents who live in the Philly suburbs. They did go to their aunt’s house about 65 miles to the west, so I know they’re safe. I’m just really disappointed that the national media ignores this major metropolitan area.

Even though our kids are safe, we still have family and friends in the Philadelphia area and it’s annoying that we can’t simply turn on the TV for updates on what’s happening in the area.

I suppose it could be worse for Philly. Here in the Syracuse, NY area, the only times we get attention from the national media is when some weirdo abducts women and holds them in his basement, or when we get a ton of snow.

Update: President Obama says getting through this hurricane will be a tough slog. I’m thinking getting through his presidency will be a tough slog.

Update 2: Instapundit isn’t ignoring Pennsylvania. He linked to Snowflakes in Hell, whose page is now unavailable. Thanks to Google cache, we get this.

ook a nap for a bit, then went outside to check on the waterworks. Still doing fine. Except the wind is howling now, and we’re now at the point where I wouldn’t need a forecast to know what’s coming. We’re still predicted to get tropical storm force winds, and they are starting now, but Irene is still battering Norfolk. It doesn’t get better from here, which is the scary part.

Obviously power is still on. When the blog disappears, then you’ll know that isn’t the case, as we only have an hour of battery for the blog, and we have nothing if the fiber gets taken out. I’ll keep updating this post as long as there’s power to let everyone know how the “Storm of the Century!” is proceeding. In the mean time, apparently New Yorkers have been taking all the lessons we’ve learned about safe sex, and thinking they apply to hurricanes. Sadly, I’ve seen other sources of this behavior as well. Just remember, these are the folks who think they are fit to rule the country. My other sources in NYC inform me that the yippies there are busy madly stocking up on organic perishable goods, and I wish I wasn’t kidding about that.

UPDATE: 10:45PM Saturday. Tornado warning issued. Specifically for the few towns around us. Warning typically means there’s one on the ground. Fun. Power has been hiccuping a bit.

I’m not sure where that guy is, but his last update indicated the sewer was backing up in his sink. What a nightmare.

Update: Now that the rivers in Philly are flooding the national media is finally paying attention, probably because Mayor Nutter said it could be worse than they’ve ever seen.