Good News in Wisconsin


The Republican majority in Wisconsin is making a difference. The people know that and the people have spoken. The recall elections didn’t turn out the way the Democrats and their union allies were hoping. This is good news. No, this is great news!

Every Republican I spoke to before the election expressed pessimism. The expectations were clearly in favor of a Democratic takeover — so much so that Republicans in Wisconsin’s legislature took the extraordinary step of passing an early redistricting bill.

And then…it just didn’t work out the way the unions had hoped.

In the end, the union-backed Democrats picked up only two state Senate seats in Wisconsin last night, at a staggering cost in time, effort, and of course money. One of the seats was solidly Democratic, held by a Republican due to an apparent fluke of nature. The other was held by an alleged adulterer who had moved outside his district to live with his young mistress, and whose wife was supporting his recall.

As for the other four Republican incumbents the unions tried to recall, they didn’t end up coming very close. And remember — these weren’t just any Republican incumbents. These were the ones that the unions judged most vulnerable, which is why they collected petition signatures against them.

How did Republicans hold out? It hasn’t hurt that Walker’s reforms have dramatically helped school districts within the state save millions of dollars by abolishing the main Wisconsin teachers’ union’s insurance racket. Nor does it hurt that Wisconsin, under the business-friendly leadership of Walker and a Republican state legislature, created more than half of the jobs created in the United States during the month of June. (Read more)

Update: Be sure to check out the image over at American Power. Classic.

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