Delusional Wasserman Shultz: We’ve Turned the Economy Around


How do these people sleep at night after telling lie, after lie, after lie to the people they’re supposed to work for every day? Good grief. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was in friendly territory when she told Al Sharpton on MSNBC that the Democrats have turned the economy around. I guess she figures if she tells a lie often enough people will start to believe it.

Real Clear Politics has the video if you can stomach it.

“Well, we’re going to focus on what we know is the number one priorities on Americans ease minds right now, that is creating jobs and continuing to get this economy turned around. If we have to drag the Republicans with us, then we’ll do that, but, you know, it’s been a whole lot of months, eight months they have controlled the house with no jobs bills coming to the Floor. Hopefully now with this compromise on the debt ceiling behind us, with the opportunity, with the economic to sit down and focus on longer-term deficit reduction that will have some balance and ask some sacrifice for our most fortunate,” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) told MSNBC. Schultz is also the Chairwoman of the DNC.

“We’re creating jobs each month in the private sector.”

Jobs bill, blah blah blah. Shared sacrifice, blah blah blah. Bad Republicans, blah blah blah. She really needs to come up with some new material. This is getting pretty stale. As if Democrats created a single job in the private sector. No doubt most new jobs were created despite them, not because of them. Maybe she’s thinking of companies who exist solely because they’re on the government dole. Then again, I doubt she’s thinking at all. If she were, she’d realize that people in the private sector are still losing their jobs.

Employers announced 66,414 planned job cuts last month, up 60.3 percent from 41,432 in June, according to a report from consultants Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

The job cuts were up 60 percent from June, and 59 percent higher than the 41,676 layoffs recorded in July 2010. Its was the largest monthly total since March 2010, and the first month this year that the government was not the biggest job cutter.

“What may be most worrisome about the July surge is that the heaviest layoffs occurred in industries that, until now, have enjoyed relatively low job-cut levels,” John A. Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, said in a statement. …

Unemployment is up in almost every city in the United States! I’m sure she won’t take credit for any of that. Neither will Obama. Just like he won’t take credit for the market tanking. The official line is that they have no idea why markets go up or down so they don’t pay any attention. Ha! As if they wouldn’t take all of the credit if stocks were going up.


The NRSC’s timing of this video couldn’t be better. “Welcome to the Recovery”

Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Democrats! Thanks, Debbie!