Anatomy of a Left Wing Smear


Go to The Other McCain for the long story. Here’s the short story. When Stacy was in Iowa following the straw poll, he shot video of Michele Bachmann speaking at a Christian music festival. It had been raining, and when she took the stage the people in the audience were soaked. So she said “Who likes wet people.” Some left wing blogger took the clip, posted it as his own and alleged that Bachmann said “Who likes white people?” Stacy had his attorney contact the blogger who later issued an apology.

You’d think that would be the end of the story, but it’s not. The video went viral. Yahoo News even did a story pointing out the truth of the matter and directing readers to the original video. A few days later that nasty little freak Perez Hilton swiped the video, stamped it with his own blog logo and posted it on his blog. So the first nasty liberal stole Stacy’s work, claimed it as his own and tarred a presidential candidate with an unfounded charge of racism. Even though he apologized by then it was too late. The horse was out of the barn. And none other than CBS News turned around and played the edited clip claiming Bachmann said “Who likes white people.”

That, my friends, is the anatomy of a left wing smear, and the main stream media turning around and running with it.

Be sure to read the whole story at The Other McCain, there’s much more and he provides plenty of links. (I didn’t want to link to the nasty lefties.)