Albany New York Shaken by Mild Earthquake


While watching coverage of Hurricane Irene it was reported that there was an earthquake in Albany, New York. Albany is also in the path of Hurricane Irene, but it’s doubtful the area will get the brunt of the storm. According to The Washington Post, Governor Cuomo has ordered the inspection of a hydro-power dam.

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Cuomo said that while the 2.9 magnitude earthquake Saturday was small, he ordered an immediate inspection of nearby infrastructure as a precaution. That included the New York Power Authority’s Blenheim-Gilboa Dam in nearby Schoharie County.

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The quake was centered near the Albany suburb of Altamont.

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I’m sure the earthquake will be blamed on George Bush, the tea party, and hydrofracking.

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Update: I just saw a report that said the Albany area could get a ton of rain out of this storm, so perhaps there is reason for concern.

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