Video: The Ballad of the Taxed Man


Enjoy The Ballad of the Taxed Man – lyrics by Rick Fontane and performed by Johnny Brown. I’m sure quite a few Americans can identify with the message. In this economy we’re taxed in more ways than one.


I lost my job when our small shop shut down;
The owner went broke, and his family left town;
So I worked two jobs for half the pay,
Fixin‟ cars by night, haulin‟ corn by day.
And I tried, and I tried, and I tried to understand
But I missed it.

I tried, and I tried, I tried hard to understand,
Still I missed it.
My wife worked all day out in our field,
Growing food for our family, adding some to our yield;
My sons saw their mother grow tired and worn;
They asked me, “Daddy, what‟s going wrong?”
And I tried, and I tried, and I tried to explain,
But they missed it.

I told them the tax man took more than enough
To feed both his family and the state‟s union toughs,
Took so much of our money, so much from our friends,
Now our town is blighted; things could come to an end.
And they tried, and they tried, they tried hard to understand,
But they missed it.

One day the teacher union rep
Stared my son down in anger; here‟s what she said:
“Your folks made us promises now they don‟t keep,
Told us the fat of their land we‟d always eat.
But your daddy betrayed us with that ballot he cast;
He voted for freedom, we‟ll see that don‟t last.”
My son tried to show courtesy; he tried to sympathize,
But she insisted.

Now the tax man has come in his government car.
He said this movement has already gone way too far;
You see, we‟ve all got to pay his union dues;
We‟ve got to pay for his friends so they can quit when they choose.
We‟ll pay their retirement, pay for their health;
He said we‟ll pay more „cause we‟re the source of their wealth.
And we tried, and we tried, we tried to understand,
But we missed it.

Well my neighbors and I, now we‟ve had enough;
Though right now our townsfolk have got it real rough,
We voted our hearts, called their tactics plain wrong,
Now we‟re growing each day into a powerful throng.
Standing man by man, woman by woman,
With our sons and our daughters,
We’ve resisted