Rep. Renee Ellmers Leads the Charge Calling for Planned Parenthood Investigation


Freshman Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) is calling for a Congressional investigation into the abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood and how the organization is illegally using taxpayer funding. A press conference is scheduled for today at noon. The Other McCain has the scoop:

Reacting to a new report about the taxpayer-funded activities of Planned Parenthood, Rep. Renee Ellmers has warned her House colleagues of “systemic fraud and abuse” by the nation’s largest abortion provider.

A first-term North Carolina Republican, Ellmers will be joined by fellow GOP freshmen Rep. Rep. Randy Hultgren of Illinois and Rep. Bill Huizenga of Michigan, as well as third-term Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado) at a Capitol Hill press conference Thursday to express their concerns about evidence of wrongdoing contained in The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood, a new 181-page report by Americans United for Life.

In a letter to fellow Congress members, Ellmers wrote: …

It’s about damned time.

As a side note, in my day job I’ve been doing a lot of research into medical providers. Without getting into any detail, I can tell you that you can’t swing a dead cat in New York City without hitting an abortion outlet. So it’s not like there’s a desperate need for PP’s abortion services. Unless, that is, there’s a desperate need for taxpayer funded abortions.

How anyone can argue that taxpayer funds going to Planned Parenthood aren’t used for abortions is beyond me. What a disingenuous argument. Think about the budget of a normal family. If Mom and Dad both work, does it matter whose paycheck goes to the mortgage and whose goes to the car payment and groceries? If it doesn’t come out of one pocket, it comes out of the other. If extra money comes in for one thing, it frees up money to pay for something else.

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