New Poll Finds Americans Prefer Anyone But Obama


You’d think  polls like the latest one from Gallup would cause President Obama to rethink how he operates. Then again, he thinks he knows what’s best for us all – his utopian vision, no matter how failed.

More Americans than ever prefer anyone but Obama.

Registered voters by a significant margin now say they are more likely to vote for the “Republican Party’s candidate for president” than for President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, 47% to 39%. Preferences had been fairly evenly divided this year in this test of Obama’s re-election prospects.

Not only that, but he’s losing independents.

Independent registered voters are currently more likely to vote for the Republican candidate (44%) than for Obama (34%), though one in five do not have an opinion. Republicans and Democrats show strong party loyalty in their vote choices, with Republicans showing somewhat stronger loyalty.

I guess petulance doesn’t go over that well with the indies.

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