Have You Thanked a Blogger Lately?


We stay up late, get little sleep, and most of us have day jobs. Some of us have families, too. (And naughty little dogs.) We aren’t in this for the money. If we were, John Hawkins would be right about the death of conservative blogging. It’s about the biased media, the way they ignore scandals like Operation Fast and Furious when a Democrat controls the White House. It’s about a corrupt government, and corrupt unions, and corrupt green energy companies.

I’d love to add more links and examples, but I need to get some sleep. Thanks to Donald Douglas for pointing out this piece by George Scaggs noting that we the tired, the unpaid and under-appreciated are today’s free press.

The rise of a new press is nothing less than an attempt to re-establish a free press — an essential component of a free society. Sadly, this too has also been misconstrued and confused in the public mind. In our modern age, everything is politicized precisely because government has involved itself in virtually all aspects of life. Having willingly assumed a supporting role in advancing the concept of government which infinitely expands in size and scope, big media has been a central player in this phenomenon.

Big media joins together with government, academia, and various corporate interests to constitute what Angelo Codevilla succinctly identified as “the Elite Ruling Class” in his prodigious essay on the subject.

This relatively minute class is adept at manipulating that plurality of Americans who have come to view the state as an entity that does “for them” rather than “to them,” creating a self-perpetuating momentum. Over time, modern society has become conditioned to adopt whatever this ruling class chooses to foist upon it. Anything goes, from light bulbs to TSA pat-downs.

Used as a tool to keep the whole sordid system propped up, one of big media’s primary roles is to simply parrot big government’s daily proclamations, aiding in creating the perception of omnipotence.

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Most of us aren’t in anyone’s pocket, and we’ll turn on a dime on our favorite politicians if they break their promises. When’s the last time you’ve seen that in the big media?

Update: I Own the World has a shout out to all conservative bloggers – be sure to check it out. (Via Adrienne)