Debt Ceiling Negotiations: No Deal Possible with Obama in the Room


This is getting so old. Late yesterday congressional leaders met to see if they could hammer out a deal on the debt ceiling. Notably absent – President Obama. It seems his presence at the table makes a deal highly unlikely.

First came the Biden talks. When those blew up, the Obama-Boehner talks took center stage. And when that failed, the McConnell-Reid talks looked promising. And after they faltered, the Obama-Boehner talks tried to find a new life.

Now it’s all come down to the Boehner-Reid-Pelosi-McConnell talks to solve the debt crisis. Notably absent? The president.  …

Update: A little over an hour ago ABC News reported that no deal had been reached before the open of Asian markets.

Asian markets?  They are on their own. A Republican source tells ABC News negotiators do not expect to have a deal or even the framework of a deal on the debt ceiling by 4 p.m. today, as House Speaker John Boehner had said he wanted to steady jittery Asian markets when they open.

In fact, the source says a deal today is now looking unlikely.

The principals are speaking over the phone while the staffs work on the numbers. Congressional Democrats and Republicans continue to try to hash out a compromise, but they are not there yet. …

Let’s reiterate, House Republicans are the only ones to have put forth bills (the Ryan plan and Cut, Cap and Balance), voted on them, and passed the measures in a chamber of Congress. President Obama put forth a budget many months ago and it was voted down 97-0. Not one member of the Senate voted for his big spending budget. The Senate has also voted down the Republican plans, while offering nothing of their own, other than temper tantrums by Senate Democrats. The last time I checked Democrats still control the Senate.