Tingles: Weiner’s Wife is Partly Responsible for His Abhorrent Behavior


During his press conference, disgraced Democrat Congressman from New York Anthony Weiner said something about his wife knowing about his previous online behavior. I, for one, don’t believe much that comes out of Weiner’s mouth, so I took it with a grain of salt. But Chris Matthews jumped all over that comment and said that maybe Weiner’s wife is partly responsible. Seriously!

(Via Fire Andrea Mitchell)

If that’s not bad enough, Andrew Klavan, whose videos I usually enjoy, came out and blamed the behavior of Weiner, and other bad actors like him, on women. Not just the women involved in the scandals, but ALL women!!! Let me just say for the record that a good number of us do not encourage men like Weiner. I have over 3500 twitter followers, and on the rare occasion that one of them sent something crude to me I unfollowed and blocked the person. (Klavan link via Instapundit)

So far NOW has remained silent on Weiner’s online escapades, even though he comes off as some sort of champion of women, but I’m sure they will denounce Klavan in 3, 2, 1….

Update: Republican Redifined linked – thanks.