Obama and Boehner to Talk Debt Ceiling Over a Round of Golf


President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner will be hitting the links later this month. Politico is calling it a “golf summit” at which time they will discuss the debt ceiling.

Obama’s offer — and Boehner’s acceptance — came six months after White House press secretary Robert Gibbs suggested the two could work out their differences on the course. Both men are passionate golfers; Obama prefers to hit public courses with a handful of friends and White House staffers while Boehner favors private courses, golf fundraisers and schmoozing sessions with other pols.

The game will be at a course in the Washington area, but exactly where – and the names of the other two duffers rounding out the foursome – are yet to be determined, a person familiar with the situation said.

Word of the golf summit also came on a day when Boehner blasted the president for failing to get more directly involved in tense bipartisan talks over the budget and debt ceiling.

“I think there’s a lot of progress that’s been made in the Biden talks,” Boehner said of talks being led by Vice President Joe Biden.

[Obama], he added “could take a more active role. He’s had this hands off approach for the last several months while this conversation has raged on,” Boehner added. “If he wants this agreement done by the end of the month, better get going.”

Maybe they can make a little wager – if Obama wins he gets a tax hike, if Boehner wins we get some massive spending cuts. My money’s on Boehner, even if he’s a little out of practice lately. According to the Washington Post, his handicap is still in the single digits.

According to Golf Digest, Obama is now a 17-handicap. That means that he usually shoots about a 90 on a course with an overall par of 72.

Boehner’s handicap has drifted up from about 5 or 6, before he became the GOP leader in 2007, to an 8.5, according to an official handicap site. Boehner has not broken 80 at his home course, Wetherington, since last May — at which point his campaign for Republicans to win the majority in the November midterms shifted into high gear.

On second thought, I don’t know if I’d trust Obama not to start calling Mulligans, so maybe Boehner shouldn’t bet anything more than a pint of beer.

Update: Scared Monkeys linked and asked if Boehner will cry if Obama calls multiple Mulligans. Thanks for the chuckle, Red!