I Would So Like to Give You Lefties What You Want, But….


I would love nothing more than to make all of you lefties out there live under what you advocate.

You want the government to take control of your health. How is that working out for the folks in Great Britain? Hey, it’s great if you’re healthy. But if you happen to get old, or you’re unhealthy, it kind of sucks. Isn’t that what Obamacare was supposed to protect us from? What’s that? It’s designed for the young and poor, at the expense of the elderly? Well then, just hope you don’t get old. Maybe you’ll be lucky and get hit by a bus.

Let’s look at the ideology. How did this ideology go for the Nazis? Remember, they started out as the National Socialist German Workers Party. That didn’t work out so well for the Germans, or anyone else. But, we can make excuses for them, since their leader was a psychopath.

Let’s find a few other examples.

The Soviets. Again, definitely didn’t work out well.

The Cubans? Um, yeah, not so good.

How about China? If earning a few bucks a day, and living in some weird dorm is your idea of the good life, then sure, it’s going great. Just don’t complain about it.

I could come up with more examples, but really, do I need to? Communism has failed, and has left a wake of misery and suffering everywhere it’s been implemented. I’d like nothing more than to see those that call for it here in the US to live under it. The only problem, the rest of us will be stuck with it, too. And so will our kids. So all of you commie sympathizers out there really owe folks like me a little bit of gratitude. If not for us, you’d be living under the miserable tyranny you pine for. You people are your own worst enemies. And those of us you see as enemies are your friends. Go figure.

Update: I looked it up for you – Democide. Also known as “death by government.” That’s our future under this current path. I happen to be against democide. I kind of prefer to take my chances on my own.